Flash Fiction Contest 2023


It has been my honour and privilege to conduct The South Shore Review’s first ever Flash Fiction Contest. I’m excited to announce the following winners. Please join me in congratulating each of the three winners. In addition to cash prizes, each winner will receive a one-year membership to the Writer’s Federation of Nova Scotia All eight of the shortlisted pieces will be published in our digital magazine and we hope to be able to publish a print anthology in 2024 that would include the shortlist, selected long-list pieces, and selected pieces already published in The South Shore Review.

National Flash Fiction Day

Before 2017, I had never even heard of flash fiction. That was the year I hauled my dusty box of writing out of the closet to show my son, who also dreamt of being a writer. I had deduced many years ago while studying creative writing in university that my prose was much stronger than my poetry. Upon re-reading, my opinion hadn’t changed. What had changed, however, was the world of writing and submitting. No longer did you carefully type your manuscript on a typewriter, place it in a box or an envelope with a self-addressed, stamped envelope (if you