Contribute Art

Beginning now, The South Shore Review is accepted works from Canadians and Canadians living away with a focus on Atlantic Canada. We will also be publishing region-specific stories about artists and authors along with reviews of local work. If you have recently submitted and you do not fall into these groups, don’t worry, you may still be accepted as a final look at writers beyond our borders.

Thank you so much!

As we have had less submissions of artwork this year, we have decided to put out a call for photographs, drawings, videos, audio, whatever it is you create. This call will be ongoing as we try to build a stunning collection of art we can publish alongside the amazing literature.

By submitting unpublished work to The South Shore Review you agree to grant First Serial Rights. Copyright reverts to the author upon publication. Acknowledgment as the first publisher would also be appreciated. Submissions of previously published work belong to you with no request for rights. Please let us know where it was previously published so that we can acknowledge them.

At this time, we cannot offer payment for your work, but we hope to be able to compensate all artists very soon. You’re all brilliant and very special to us. Sadly, we also cannot offer feedback on your work. We hope to add this option later.

Simultaneous submissions are welcome, but if your piece is accepted elsewhere and you wish to withdraw, please do so as soon as possible after acceptance.

Please take the time to look at art we’ve published so far. It may give you some insight into the aesthetics we enjoy, but even if those same aesthetics do not appear in your work, do submit. We absolutely adore new things.

To submit, please email your work to and include the following:

  1. Your name
  2. Your email address
  3. A 100-word (or less) third-person biographical statement
  4. A bio photo (usually head and shoulders, but use your own discretion as long as it’s at least medium resolution
  5. The URL to your work if you are using a cloud service
  6. A zip file of your work if you do not use a cloud service
  7. Titles for each piece and for the entire collection (if applicable)
  8. A description of collection (if applicable) and each piece