For Issue #4, we are accepting submissions from Canadians and Canadian residents. This is a completely CanCon issue and we’d like to hear from authors and artists across the country.

The South Shore Review likes:

  • Flash Fiction (up to 3 submissions of 300 to 1000 words each)
  • Microfiction (up to 5 submissions of 150 words or less each)
  • Short stories (1 submission of 1500 to 4000 words)
  • Creative Non-Fiction or Essays (1 submission with no length restriction)
  • Poetry (5 poems per submission)
  • Reviews (1 review outline per submission)
    Please include a summary of your idea in your document.

We are also looking for art work of various kinds. Surprise us!

  • Please read through a few pieces in your genre in our magazine so you can understand what we love to read.
  • Our submissions will be anonymous going forward.
  • Please don’t put any identifying text in your document.
  • In addition, please avoid responding to your submission acknowledgement email as then it is no longer anonymous and will be disqualified.
  • Finally, submissions sent by email will not be accepted. Use the submit button at the bottom of the page and the subsequent form.

While you are able to submit all stories or poems in one document, please ensure you list the titles separately. Otherwise if you have to withdraw a piece, the entire submission will be withdrawn without anybody seeing the pieces you still wish to be considered.

Simultaneous submissions are welcome, but if your piece is accepted elsewhere and you wish to withdraw, please do so as soon as possible after acceptance.

By submitting unpublished work to The South Shore Review you agree to grant First Serial Rights. Copyright reverts to the author on publication. Acknowledgement as first publisher would also be appreciated. Submissions of previously published work belong to you with no request for rights. Please let us know where it was previously published so that we can acknowledge them.

At this time, we cannot offer payment for your work, but we hope to be able to compensate all artists very soon. You’re all brilliant and very special to us. Sadly, we also cannot offer feedback on your work. We hope to add this option later.

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