Passing Breeze

Passing Breeze is a poem originally published in the literary magazine Hinchas de Poesia and that relates to a universal feeling of not knowing where one belongs. It is also part of my second series of video poems (ongoing) in English with Portuguese subtitles. It is directed by a Brazilian film director, Cristiane Oliveira, with voice by a Vancouver born Wayne Cousins.


Desirée Jung

Desirée Jung is a poet from Vancouver, Canada. She has published translations, poetry, and fiction in several magazines around the world. She has also participated in several artist residencies. Her education includes a film degree from Vancouver Film School, a BFA in Creative Writing, an MFA in Creative Writing and a PhD in Comparative Literature, all from the University of British Columbia. Writing, for her, is a hopeless attempt to capture light, in a constant desire for sunshine. Her most recent work, a series of video poems about memory, landscape and what is not all out there, can be seen in @readmydesire or in her website: