As a coal-coloured nib transcribes
hunger into bark, tail presses
into tree, bridging bones
to trunk, stabilizing plumage.

Behind the timber frame, spellbound
tongues orient skittery brains
through visionary tale-telling,
propelling ink-slopped beaks

into pages of pulverised wood,
chiseling through paper lines—
cracking open the famine
that feathers into beats of flight.

Antonia Facciponte

Antonia Facciponte is an author in Toronto. She is a SSHRC-funded MA Candidate at the University of Toronto, exploring the ever-evolving interactions between literary voice(s). Her poetry has been published in various prominent literary magazines, including Exile: The Literary Quarterly, The Northern Appeal, Libretto Magazine, and ACTA Victoriana. Antonia’s first book of poetry, titled "To Make a Bridge", was recently published with Black Moss Press in April 2021.