It’s been fifteen years and still with ease,
I could tear your face with my knife-sharp
nails. Still, I could make a public scene,
yanking your hair out painfully, and holding
your face under water, drowning you in
a bath of my rage and pain; or be glad to
hear of your demise, knowing you condemned
to roll with rocks and stones and trees, lifeless
in the grave. But for all my unkind thoughts,
I’d be content if you’d relent, consenting
to appear less often—in that troubled sphere
where once adhered—a peaceful garden
growing,—with rabbits, violets, and woodland
deer bending unfettered necks to graze.

Lisa Low

Lisa Low’s essays, book reviews, and interviews have appeared in The Massachusetts ReviewThe Boston ReviewThe Tupelo Quarterly, and The Adroit Journal. Her poetry has appeared in a variety of literary journals, among them Valparaiso Poetry ReviewPennsylvania EnglishFree State ReviewPhoebeAmerican Journal of Poetry, and Southern Indiana Review.