The Void

When the apple tempted
my mother’s desire, the

answer slithered with a
knowledge as vengeance

and exploded the Big Bang
that severed the cord in the

navel beyond. Here a birth
cries in death’s cradle now

suckled black milk by the
breast of a vengeance that’s

sown in the elemental veins
and the pride of nations. It

explodes a centrifugal order.
Maggots deployed still search

life under the burnt chambers
of Auschwitz and the Syrian

debris. Our naturally black
marrow skins the earth that

burns the terminal morrows
of the dying flicker in the

wind of time. The sun sweats
into the dark blue moon. The

bones of a lion and the tender
petals of a wilted rose are worn

by the sharp edge of the time’s
brandished smile. When the

waters of our learning trespass
with the quest of earthquake in

the trenches of determination,
graveyards are adorned by the

spiders and ants for the coronation
of a revenge against The Word that

bleeds under the pervading
shadows of the void. The

hoof-beats of the nations’ pride sink
in the sands of the earth’s judgement.

Sreekanth Kopuri

Sreekanth Kopuri Ph.D. is an Indian poet, current poetry editor for The AutoEthnographer Journal Florida, Alumni Writer in Residence, Athens and a Professor of English. He recited his poetry in Oxford, John Hopkins, Heinrich Heine, Caen, and many universities. His poems appeared in Arkansan Review, A Honest Ulsterman, San.Antonio Review, Two Thirds North, Chicago Memory House, Tulsa Review, Heartland Review  to mention a few. His book Poems of the Void was the winner of Golden Book of the year 2022. He lives with his mother. Kopuri was influenced by Jayanta Mahapatra’s poetry. Kopuri is originally from Machilipatnam.