From the last CaringBridge post written by my brother
before his GBM sent him to hospice care eleven days later
Hi quick up date from the right-handed typing machinr.
	a lot of goood keys on th”righand side of the board.

“J’s a good one for example, abd i’ve slways been a fan of “m.
	and of course ‘h for hannah is ther

Super-special shouout to all of you      loveyal  thank you. 
	you av major good karma heading your way

especially my inlaws and hannah 
	hannah is the most impressive woman ever   

i hope she hasnt figuredout yt what a scumbag i am
	im pretty sure sshe knows abou the body odrr

I qpolgize for6he spellinf and typos  I her  an wxcuse.
	Balancw issuea ans thindhgs that require fingers are hard.

this year has been extra tough and yu guy s have been gisnts in supporting us.	
	much love to al.

James Swansbrough

James Swansbrough runs a restaurant equipment repair company in Chattanooga, Tennessee. His work has appeared in Free State Review, Cagibi, Freshwater Review, Pittsburgh Poetry Journal, Watershed Review, and others. He was named Honorable Mention for the 2019 Yeats Poetry Award by the WB Yeats Society of New York. He lives in Signal Mountain, Tennessee, with his wife and daughters.