Ode & Elegy

for Brian

Because I never thought you’d come back
I vowed to offer the love we’d made
To the whole of the world. It was, at first,
A perfect act; not sacrifice, not heart transplant,
But a gift from me to you, sun shaped –
That distant, careful lover whose grasping reach
Can never hold us the way we were meant
To be held, forever yet never touching. I offered it
Freely, practiced loving-kindness
On a troublesome path,
And sure enough, I found you sitting there –
Your eyes, stars from a brother universe.

Marco Anders

Marco Anders (he/him) lives in South Saint Paul, Minnesota, with his husband, two cats, and two chihuahuas. He received his MFA from Hamline University where he briefly served as a poetry editor for Water~Stone Review. Anders was managing editor for Flash Fiction Magazine (2016-2019) and has been previously published in now defunct journals, Versewrights, concīs.