Crosshatched Blues

Past the point where sand collides with crosshatched blues
I consider my life
Like the time when flux led to flight
or when I was pinched and perched—
feet drenched, fixed to fear.
Heart bleeding to drift.

When I had wings–I raced with Icarus.
Until father realized, and took to sky with scissors in hand.

I landed on earth with a
Herculean thud—
surrounded by blackness.

Creation and destruction
wield power—
with blankets and fire.

Coughing, I trip on old residue.

past the point where sand collides with crosshatched blues,
my eyes drift across the horizon.
I notice, among the hatches,
a new layer beginning to form—
sapphire blue threading seamlessly into sky.

Sara Altman

Sara Altman holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in psychology; is the creator of WhimsicalPoet, an online poetry resource; and is the editor and art director of the affiliated Whimsical Publications. She has poems published in PoetryPotion34th Parallel Magazine, Willows Wept Review, and Down in the Dirt. When not writing and working on the website or journal, she can be found hiking the Hudson Valley with her pup, enjoying the home life with her wife and pets, or ripping up the pavement with her electric moped.