Covid Spring, Anon

Beauty walks a razor’s edge -B. Dylan

Even birds that sleep in the wind sense it,
days without giddy-up, ripe March feel, and we,
fearfully, biblically, made, endure, one more
clenched-teeth desert-hot year, lie-low brute,
fowl, human time under rough spruce stump,
bristlecone pine, pinched into hedgerow rift,
cotillion, prom-pink hedgehog cacti bulge,
blood boiling, heart pumping, dreamers’ eyes,
alien, silent, sly, peeled along the shadow line
where neither bloom nor love nor guilt nor grace,
full marks for art or vision, endure, l’heure bleue
lantana seasoning dank absolute night, stars redeeming,
unmaking light the way the beautiful die, carefully,
quietly, blindly, behind mask & glove, brush & thicket, —
gone before dawn.

GTimothy Gordon

"Dream Wind" was published in 2020 (Spirit-of-the-Ram P), while "Everything Speaking Chinese" received The Riverstone P Poetry Prize (AZ). Work appears in AGNI, American Literary R, Cincinnati PR, Kansas Q, Louisville R, Mississippi R, New York Q, Phoebe, RHINO, Sonora R, Texas Observer, among others. Recognitions include NEA & NEH Fellowships, residencies, and three Pushcart nominations. Gordon’s seventh book, "Empty Heaven, Empty Earth", is now under publication review. He divides professional and personal lives among Asia, the Desert Southwest, and Maine.