Autoimmune Theology

How can I tie God to the body sick
How can I bind the body monstrous
With leather and black
Atop the weathered back of
Arms too weak to wrap themselves
In straps in wraps divine


My pancreatic heresy
This ecstatic entropy
The arc of my theology bends toward
Consumptive autoimmunity

How do I pray for someone with a terminal illness?
How does the body pray
for the body in the body as the body consumes
Unstopping toward The End of its personal history
I pray I
Can slow my body

a little

God on my skin
The little layer of leather laying there
Listing around the curve of my arm
And I, my legs near gave way
And I, the nearness of God is to me


Levi Morrow

Levi Morrow lives at the intersection of poetry and medieval theology, on a small roundabout in Jerusalem. He is currently obsessed with the ways imagination and creativity can function apophatically, negating the things that seem inevitable.