A Somatics movement moment

You’re standing. Now take a deep breath. How does that feel? Are you breathing hard? Just notice that. Move your attention to your hands. Are they relaxed? Or clenched? Is one arm bent? Notice that. Where is the tension – IS there tension? Are you at the beginning or the end of a movement? Notice that. What is happening with your head. Are your eyes looking forward, level with the horizon? Notice that. Your head is craned forward, the tendons in your neck popping out. Is this tension shooting down into your body? Into your legs? Notice that. You are crouching. Are your thighs tight or relaxed? And what about your mouth? It’s stretched open. The muscles around it pulled back. You expelled a huge amount of air. Did that help your body relax? Or tighten? Just notice that.

Now uncurl your fingers. Is it hard to straighten them out? Notice that. Is there pain in any part of your hand? The knuckles? The palm? Is any part hot? Is there a burnt smell? Notice that. When you look at your hand and then to the floor in front of you, what do you see? Is there a man there? How does that make you feel? Do your muscles tighten up? Just notice that.

Now listen to your breathing. Is it ragged? Or is it slowing down? Is it just your breath you hear or is he also breathing? Notice that. And what about his body. Is he naked? Is he relaxed? Is the ring on his finger visible? Notice that.

Then turn your attention to the woman bending over him. What is her posture? Is she tense? Is her breath calm? Or is it disturbed? And is she naked too? Just notice that.

Now, take a deep breath in through your nose and let it out slowly through your mouth. Once again, in through your nose out through your mouth. Your left hand is over your right. Is it trying to cover the hot spot? Massage it? Focus on that hand and slowly move it away. Now stretch it out. Gently shake it. Take a breath to prepare and slowly, very slowly, counting to five to complete the motion, remove the ring from your left hand. Hold it for a moment. Feel its texture. Now pause and scan your body. How does it feel? Is it more tense? Or less tense now? Notice that. Take another deep breath to prepare and throw that ring as hard as you can.

Follow the trajectory. Is there a sound as it bounces off the man’s head, off the wall on to the floor? Just notice that.

You’re walking to the door. How does your body feel now? Is your back arched? Is your breathing slowing down? Do you feel all of your feet on the floor or is one heavier than the other? Are the tears running down your face warm? Or cold? Notice that.

Now, reach for the door handle and open the door, keeping your head forward. Step through and close the door behind you. How did that feel? Did the sound waves from the door slamming travel down to your feet? All through your body ? Through your heart? Just notice that as you walk away.

M.J. Holm

Judy Holm lives in Stratford, Ontario. A small town in southwestern Ontario known for its annual Theatre Festival as well as a Summer Music festival. It's lovely and quiet, but also vibrant.