Flash Fiction Contest

The South Shore Review is proud to announce its first ever Flash Fiction contest alongside its very first print anthology.

What Is Flash Fiction?

“Flash fiction is a genre of fiction, defined as a very short story. While there is no set word count that separates flash fiction from more traditional short stories, flash fiction stories can be as short as a few words (while short stories typically run for several pages). Flash fiction is also known as sudden fiction, short-short stories, microfiction, or microstories.”

Read more at Masterclass

The prizes:

There will be a first, second, and third prize winner along with additional stories chosen for the anthology.

First prize – at least $100
Second prize – at least $50
Third prize – at least $25

Why do we say “at least”? The more entries we have, the more funds that will be available for prizes. All funds received for this contest will go towards prize money and the cost of producing a print anthology. In the event that we do not have enough entries, the print anthology may be canceled but the prize money will still be awarded.

The timeline:

  1. Contest closes at 11:59 p.m. (AST) on February 28, 2023.
  2. First round of judging ends on April 15, 2023 with long list announced on our website.
  3. Second round of judging ends on May 31, 2023 with a short-list announced on our website.
  4. Winners and anthology picks announced July 30, 2023 via our website and email. Online stories will appear within a week. The Anthology is to be published by the beginning of 2024.

The guidelines:

  1. All pieces must be original and unpublished.
  2. All pieces must be no longer than 1200 words.
  3. Please provide typed, double-spaced text in a Times style font.
  4. Please include your contact information and 100-word biography on the final page of your document. If you are submitting more than one-piece (the limit is 5), please submit them in one document.
  5. Ensure your piece is fully contained. That is to say that it tells a complete story with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Unfortunately, vignettes will be disqualified.

Submission fees:

First piece – $10
Each additional piece – $5

The Anthology:

Submission fees will go towards creating a print anthology which will feature a first, second, and third place story. These three pieces will also be awarded a small bursary dependent on participation in the contest. The anthology will also feature stories which didn’t quite come in on the top three, but are nevertheless amazing. At the moment, we’re not sure how many stories this will be. A selection of anthology stories will also appear online.


If you aren’t already familiar with flash fiction, spend some time researching. Read the Masterclass article posted above. We recommend reading the works of:

We also recommend spending time with some writing prompts.

How to Enter

  • Step 1: Purchase your entries.
  • Step 2: Make note of the transaction number and ensure you received a confirmation email from PayPal.
  • Step 3: Forward that confirmation email along with your attached document (all pieces in one document) to thesouthshorereview@gmail.com.
Flash Fiction Contest Entry

If your piece(s) are picked up by another publication, please contact us to withdraw. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refunds.

By submitting unpublished work to The South Shore Review you agree to grant First Serial Rights. Copyright reverts to the author on publication. Acknowledgement as first publisher would also be appreciated.